Alfred Maddison & The Fleet Review

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July 1914 Fleet Review at Spithead

On this day in 1914 our 4th cousin, Boy 1st Class, Alfred Maddison participated in the Fleet Review at Spithead in the Solent, serving aboard the Royal Navy Cruiser, HMS Hawke. Alfred signed up, age 15, for twelve years service in 1913. He initially trained at the shore establishment, stone frigate, HMS Ganges. Upon achieving his Boy 1st Class rating, Alfred was transferred to the HMS Hawke, one of nine Edgar-class Protected Cruisers, the oldest vessels in service during WWI.

The vessel, launched in 1891, was already outclassed in 1914 but had been returned from training duties to active service due to the expected outbreak of war. Prior to WWI, the only notable event in the Hawke’s career was her 1911 collision with RMS Titanic’s sister ship, the Olympic. Due to recruiting issues, and a lack of manpower, the Royal Navy crewed these legacy vessels with recalled reservists and young cadets like Alfred.

Alfred was born and raised in York, initially in a small tenement on Shaw’s Terrace just off Blossom Street, before the family relocated to a two-up two-down in Dringhouses. Alfred’s father worked as a joiner at the North Eastern Railway Carriage Works on Holgate Road while his mother raised eight children. Alfred was the eldest son and the only sibling old enough to serve in WWI. Within a year of enlistment he was participating in his first Fleet Review.

HMS Hawke along with the eight other Edgars joined the navy’s First Fleet Review of Spithead in the Solent. The Fleet Review was a formal inspection of the Royal Navy by the monarch, in this case King George V. There were three original reasons for holding a Fleet Review. The first is to mobilise the fleet for war and the second is to demonstrate to potential enemies and friendly powers the naval strength of the nation. The third cause that has developed since 1415 is to hold a celebration of a significant Royal occasion for instance a coronation or anniversary. This cements the relationship of the senior service to the monarch.

Assembly at Spithead of the Royal Navy’s First Fleet Review by King George V, 18-20th July 1914

Europe was on edge as Germany had ordered the mobilization of its naval fleet and that action triggered a decisive step by Winston Churchill. Germany had not yet declared war on Russia, France or Britain, nor had it initiated its invasion of Belgium. The resulting decisive and dramatic step — Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty, recommended Herbert Asquith, Britain’s Prime Minister, to order the Royal Navy’s First Fleet to leave its anchorage at Portland, on England’s south coast, and to head for a safer location in Scapa Flow. The Fleet Review would provide Churchill with the justification for a full mobilization of the Royal Navy without officially mobilizing the fleet.

The bulk of the mobilised Fleet will be assembled at Spithead by the 18th July, and will not leave until the 20th July. His Majesty the King will be with the Fleet during this weekend, but there will be no formal review…

Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty, July 1914

The photographs above may have been enhanced with additional vessels for propaganda purposes. However, in addition to minelayers, minesweeping gunboats, repair ships, depot ships for torpedo craft, and sea planes, ~200 ships of various classes were present, as follows:—

Thereafter the ships were not stood down but were held in readiness against the probability of war. Furthermore the Grand Fleet could then steam north, under cover of darkness, to Scapa Flow, the anchorage in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland. From this location, the Royal Navy could dominate the North Sea. The decision allowed the Royal Navy to be well-placed to counter any hostile action the Germans might take.

In August 1914, on the outbreak of the First World War, Hawke, together with the other Edgars from Queenstown, Ireland, formed the 10th Cruiser Squadron, operating on blockade duties between the Shetland Islands and Norway. To appreciate fully the disaster that befell HMS Hawke in October 1914 it is worth going back to a disaster that struck three old cruisers HMS Aboukir, HMS Hogue and HMS Cressy less than a month before. They were nicknamed the “Live Bait Squadron.”

During the early months of World War I the Royal Navy maintained a patrol of 1901-era Cressy class armoured cruisers in the area of the North Sea known as the Broad Fourteens. There was opposition to this patrol from many senior officers, on the grounds that the ships were very vulnerable to a raid by modern German surface ships. The Admiralty maintained the patrol on the grounds that destroyers were not able to maintain the patrol in the frequent bad weather and that there were insufficient modern light cruisers available. In the early hours of 20 September 1914 the cruisers HMS Euryalus, HMS Aboukir, HMS Hogue, and HMS Cressy, were preparing to go on patrol. The weather was too bad for destroyers to be at sea and unfortunately Euryalus had to drop out due to lack of coal and weather damage to her wireless. On the morning of Tuesday, 22 September 1914, the patrol was attacked by a submarine, U-9. The three cruisers HMS Aboukir, Hogue, and Cressy off the Dutch coast sunk one by one as each ship went in turn to the assistance of their sisters. A total of 837 men were rescued but 62 officers and 1,397 men, many of them reservists, were killed.

HMS Hawke, launched in 1891, was the nineteenth British warship to be given that name. She was a 12-gun twin-screw protected cruiser displacing 7,350 tons. The twin screws delivered 12,000 horsepower giving a top speed of 20 kt.

Protected cruisers, a type of cruising warship of the late-19th century, gained their description because an armoured deck offered protection for vital machine-spaces from fragments caused by shells exploding above them. Protected cruisers resembled armored cruisers, which had in addition a belt of armour along the sides.

Protected Cruisers, Wikipedia

In October, Alfred, HMS Hawke, and the 10th Cruiser Squadron were deployed further south in the North Sea to stop German warships from attacking a troop convoy from Canada. On 15 October, the squadron was on patrol off Aberdeen, deployed in line abreast at intervals of about 10 miles. Hawke stopped at 9:30am to pick up mail from sister ship Endymion. After recovering her boat with the mail, Hawke proceeded at 13 knots, without zig-zagging to regain her station, and was out of sight of the rest of the Squadron when at 10:30am a single torpedo was launched from the German submarine U-9. The torpedo struck Hawke on the starboard side causing two simultaneous explosions, she quickly capsized, and sent her to the bottom in less than eight minutes. The remainder of the squadron only realised anything was amiss, when, after a further unsuccessful attack on HMS Theseus, the squadron was ordered to retreat at high speed to the northwest, and no response to the order was received from Hawke.

German artistic impression of the sinking of HMS Hawke by Willy Stoewer 1914
German artistic impression of the sinking, Willy Stoewer, 1914

Nearly 600 seamen, subsequently found themselves trapped or struggling to survive the freezing waters. One survivor commented –

I have never been on a ship so well equipped with lifesaving apparatus, but the way the vessel heeled over made it almost impossible to get the boats out. Many of the crew had scrambled on to the side of the sinking cruiser as she turned turtle and were sliding and diving into the sea.

Unnamed Survivor, HMS Hawke, October 1914

Several rafts had floated clear along with the mailboat cutter, but for the vast majority of the seamen, including Alfred Maddison, there was little hope. Hawke’s fate was not realised until later that day, and the first of 70 men to be rescued not picked up until early on Friday morning, almost 24 hours later. The destroyer HMS Swift, dispatched from Scapa Flow to search for Hawke, found a raft carrying one officer and twenty-one men, while a boat with a further forty-nine survivors was rescued by a Norwegian steamer. 524 officers and men died, including the ship’s captain, Hugh P. E. T. Williams.

50 lost crew members were Boy Sailors like Alfred, all under the age of 17. Each of their families would be notified of their son’s place on the De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour, 1914-1919 and received his medals: WWI Star, Victory Medal, & British War Medal… For son, Alfred Maddison, Boy 1st Class, HMS Hawke, torpedoed by U-9 Submarine in the North Sea.

Index of M.R. 3 Portsmouth Naval Memorial 1914: MADDISON, Boy 1st Cl. Alfred, J/26723. R.N. H.M.S. “Hawke.” Killed in action with submarine in North Sea 15 Oct., 1914. 3.
Memorials to the crew of HMS Hawke

J/24691 Boy 1st Class WILLIAM HENRY ALLOWAY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
PLY/11659 Sergeant JAMES BALL H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
M/6714 Shipwright 2nd Class ARTHUR BARNES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
L/4274 Officer’s Steward 3rd Class JOHN FRANCIS BARRY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/23495 Boy 1st Class GEORGE HENRY BEER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/24636 Ordinary Seaman MOSES MILLER SHAW BUCKLEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/25469 Boy 1st Class HERBERT CHARLES COLLINS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
PLY/7291 Private WILLIAM GEORGE EADES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/27375 Boy 1st Class ALBERT GEORGE EDWARDS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
147643 Chief Yeoman of Signals JAMES FITZGERALD (R.F.R./Dev./A/1818), H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
140749 Able Seaman ROBERT HOLMES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
WTS/149 Wireless Telegraph Operator PATRICK JOSEPH KEOHAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
J/26630 Boy 1st Class DAVID SAUNDERS BROWN LINDSAY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
142724 Leading Seaman EDWARD THOMAS MAY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26680 Boy 1st Class CHARLES McCREADIE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
196451 Able Seaman JAMES McNAMARA H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26354 Boy 1st Class FRANK RAYNER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
179858 Leading Seaman RICHARD SLINEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/27506 Boy 1st Class GEORGE GREENHILL WAITT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/17213 Ordinary Telegraphist GEORGE WALTER YATES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy

J/27515 Boy 1st Class ERNEST CHARLES. ATTREE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
PO/6800 Private HENRY BASS (RMR/H/B/1435). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/26776 Boy 1st Class EDWARD ALFRED FRANK BEVIS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26731 Boy 1st Class HENRY THOMPSON BLATHERWICK H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/24708 Boy 1st Class GEORGE THOMAS BOOTH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/24104 Boy 1st Class ROLAND HARTLEY BOOTH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
207025 Able Seaman FRANK BREWER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/24697 Boy 1st Class WILLIAM ROBERT CHALMERS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Sussex 3/297 Ordinary Seaman ERNEST CORDER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Sussex 5/193 Ordinary Seaman JOHN WILLIAM CROUCH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
J/27367 Boy 1st Class AUBREY OLIVER FISHER DAY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Artificer Engineer ERNEST DRIVER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
2872S Stoker ALEXANDER ROBERTSON DUNCAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
J/27543 Boy 1st Class PHILIP ALBERT FAULKS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/27403 Boy 1st Class ADAM FLOCKHART H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Sussex 5/298 Petty Officer 1st Class FREDERICK FOSTER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
2294T Stoker WILLIAM FOWLER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
J/26373 Boy 1st Class ARTHUR ROBERT FRENCH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Sussex 1/334 Ordinary Seaman CHARLES DAVID GRAVETT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
J/24704 Boy 1st Class ALBERT EDWARD HANCOCK H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Ordinary Seaman JOHN HANCOCK H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
J/27391 Boy 1st Class FREDERICK STEWART HASTINGS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Sussex 1/296 Ordinary Seaman FREDERICK ARTHUR JARROLD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
J/28350 Boy 1st Class WILFRED ALLEN JEFFERY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/25447 Boy 1st Class LEVI HAROLD JOYCE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/115602 Stoker 2nd Class ALBERT KERWIN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
2852S Stoker JAMES LAIRD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
229452 Able Seaman JOHN ROBINSON LEIVERS (RFR/PO/B/5638). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/24716 Boy 1st Class ALBERT WILLIAM LIDBETTER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26723 Boy 1st Class ALFRED MADDISON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/22131 Stoker 2nd Class REUBEN MANN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Sussex 1/305 Ordinary Seaman ALBERT WALTER MARLER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
J/24634 Boy 1st Class ROBERT RONALD MOODY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26717 Boy 1st Class WILLIAM APPLEYARD MOORHOUSE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Canteen Manager PERCY FORESTER MOSS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Admiralty Civilian
2883S Stoker ALEXANDER MURRAY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
Clyde 1/42 Leading Carpenter’s Crew GEORGE MURRAY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
209926 Able Seaman CLARENCE EDGAR NAYLOR H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
PO/6325 Private HENRY NEWMAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/26752 Boy 1st Class WILLIAM NIXON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26738 Boy 1st Class HARRY JAMES PARDOE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/27539 Boy 1st Class ALBERT JOHN PAYNE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/23543 Boy 1st Class CLIFFORD POLLARD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/25352 Boy 1st Class VICTOR JAMES POTTER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Canteen Assistant FREDERICK WILLIAM GEORGE READ H.M.S. “Hawke.” Admiralty Civilian
J/23568 Boy 1st Class HAROLD ALFRED SPIERS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/25783 Boy 1st Class ROBERT STOKELL H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26728 Boy 1st Class JOHN BORKWOOD SYMES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26367 Boy 1st Class JOHN ALFRED TAYLOR H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/4098 Electrical Artificer 4th Class EDWARD ALBERT JOHN TIMMINGS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
2922S Stoker THOMAS TRAYNOR H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
J/23453 Boy 1st Class ARTHUR SYDNEY TURRELL H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/24984 Boy 1st Class ERNEST WARDEN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/27512 Boy 1st Class JOHN JOSEPH DEXTER WILSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26734 Boy 1st Class JACK HUDSON WINTERBOTTOM H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26779 Boy 1st Class HERBERT EDWIN WOODLAND H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy

SS/99 Able Seaman ALBERT ABBOTT (RFR/CH/B/5365). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
167361 Petty Officer ERNEST WILLIAM ABRAM H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/27420 Boy 1st Class CLARE ROBERT ADAMS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/27366 Boy 1st Class WALTER BENJAMIN ADAMSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/19331 Stoker 2nd Class JAMES ALFRED AGER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/105083 Stoker 1st Class NATHANIEL AGNEW (RFR/CH/B/8676). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/27513 Boy 1st Class HAROLD AINGER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/999 Able Seaman HENRY ALCOCK (RFR/CH/B/6711). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/40 Able Seaman ROBERT ALGIE (RFR/CH/B/5311). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
206565 Able Seaman DANIEL ALLEN (RFR/CH/B/5107). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/22871 Boy 1st Class MARSHALL CLAUDE ALLEN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
172241 Stoker 1st Class GEORGE ALLUM (RFR/CH/B/2174). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
135921 Cooper JOHN ROBERT ANDERSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
193724 Able Seaman ALFRED GEORGE ATKINSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Paymaster ALAN MURRAY AUSTIN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
128826 Ship’s Corporal 1st Class WALTER HENRY AXON (RFR/CH/A/1230). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
154395 Petty Officer THOMAS EDWARD BABER (RFR/CH/B/2147). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
276783 Petty Officer Stoker FREDERICK BALCOMB H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/102800 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM BARKER (RFR/CH/B/7597). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/102658 Stoker 1st Class FRED THOMAS BARNDEN (RFR/CH/B/7435). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
167803 Petty Officer Stoker 2nd Class FREDERICK BARNES (RFR/CH/B/4240). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/106968 Stoker 1st Class HERBERT PLUME BARNES (RFR/CH/B/9615). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
L/2874 Officer’s Steward 2nd Class PHILIP CHARLES BARNES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
168377 Able Seaman WILLIAM BARNES (RFR/CH/B/3907). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26050 Boy 1st Class HARRY STANLEY BARTER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/5046 Stoker 1st Class JOHN THOMAS BARTHRAM H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/5046 Stoker 1st Class JOHN THOMAS BARTON ALIAS
J/26732 Boy 1st Class VICTOR CHARLES BASSETT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
177884 Able Seaman SAMUEL JOHN BEAN (RFR/CH/B/5305). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/108915 Stoker 1st Class DAVID BELL (RFR/CH/B/10813). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/6334 Stoker 1st Class THOMAS HENRY BELLINGHAM H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
178486 Ship’s Corporal 1st Class ALBERT EDWARD BENNETT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/12196 Corporal FRANK HENRY BENNETT H.M.S. “Hawke,” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/12245 Corporal JOHN FREDERICK HARRY BERRIDGE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/24353 Signal Boy ALBERT EDWARD BISHOP H.M.S. “Hawke” Royal Navy
L/4948 Officer’s Steward 3rd Class FRED BITTEN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
164154 Petty Officer 1st Class WILLIAM JABEZ BLOXSOM H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/14967 Private JAMES GEORGE BONFIELD (RMR/B/1574). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
162995 Leading Seaman FREDERICK JAMES BOWELL (RFR/CH/B/2088). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/1330 Able Seaman CHARLES ALEXANDER BOWYER (RFR/CH/B/7440). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/112109 Stoker 1st Class FREDERICK JAMES BOX H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
17049 Private REGINALD JOHN C. BRADLEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
167964 Able Seaman FRANCIS AUGUSTUS BREMER (RFR/CH/B/3921). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
281620 Petty Officer Stoker EDWARD BROAD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/101291 Stoker 1st Class JOSEPH HENRY BROADHURST (RFR/CH/B/6723). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
344374 Shipwright 1st Class JOHN BROCK H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
306510 Petty Officer Stoker GEORGE BROWN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
166810 Petty Officer 1st Class WILLIAM BUCHANAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
158786 Stoker 1st Class CHARLES HENRY BUNCE (RFR/CH/B/1123). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/102156 Stoker 1st Class CHARLES RALPH THOMAS BUNCE (RFR/CH/B/7195). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
340125 Ship’s Steward BENJAMIN JAMES BUNYAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
103586 Able Seaman WALTER BURBIDGE (RFR/CH/B/794). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/15303 Private FREDERICK WILLIAM BURRIDGE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/17384 Private FRANK EDWIN BYE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
152629 Chief Stoker HENRY THOMAS CAHILL (RFR/CH/A/1709). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
143929 Petty Officer 2nd Class ALBERT CALE (RFR/CH/A/2006). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
292522 Petty Officer Stoker JOSEPH CAMERON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/104251 Stoker 1st Class GEORGE JACKSON CAMPBELL (RFR/CH/B/8270). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/16260 Private ERNEST CARVIL H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/26705 Boy 1st Class GEORGE RICHARD CASH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
180672 Able Seaman FRANK CORNELIUS CAVELL (RFR/CH/B/3860). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/13420 Sergeant SAMUEL GEORGE CAWSE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/2978 Sergeant FRANCIS LOGAN CHAMP (RMR/A/388). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
163578 Chief Stoker SIDNEY CHARLES CHAMPS (RFR/CH/A/2058). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/8271 Private CHARLES WILLIAM CHANDLER (RMR/B/1304). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/9493 Private BENJAMIN DAVID CHARLTON (RMR/B/889). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
194784 Able Seaman JOSEPH PHILLIP CHARMAN (RFR/CH/B/8880). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26788 Boy 1st Class SYDNEY BERNARD CHEYNEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
179912 Able Seaman CHARLES ROBERT CHILDS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
188294 Able Seaman ALEXANDER CHISHOLM (RFR/CH/B/4308). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/105949 Stoker 1st Class JOHN CHISIM (RFR/CH/B/9121). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/9966 Stoker 1st Class THOMAS WILLIAM CLARK H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/103947 Stoker 1st Class HERBERT EDGAR CLARKE (RFR/CH/B/8114). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
L/5276 Officer’s Steward 1st Class JAMES GEORGE CLARKE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
194420 Leading Seaman VICTOR GEORGE CLARKE (RFR/CH/B/8513). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/100711 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM CLARKE (RFR/CH/B/5843). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Lieut-Commander FREDERICK WILLIAM CLARKSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/12014 Private JACK CLEMENTS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
K/9588 Stoker 1st Class IRIS CLUBLEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/2208 Able Seaman ARTHUR COCKRILL (RFR/CH/B/9255). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/10587 Private THOMAS COLLIER (RMR/B/1144). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
M/4740 Naval Schoolmaster STANLEY BERTRAM COLLINS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
282316 Mechanician JOHN CHARLES CONWAY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Lieutenant ARTHUR ERSKINE GURNEY COOMBS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/108467 Stoker 1st Class HUGH PATRICK CORMICAN (RFR/CH/B/10490). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26631 Boy 1st Class HENRY ALBERT COTTON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/17211 Private JOHN COULSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/106961 Stoker 1st Class JOHN HENRY COURTNEY (RFR/CH/B/9610). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/41 Stoker 1st Class FRANK COVER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
190567 Able Seaman JAMES COWLEY (RFR/CH/B/3874). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Warrant Engineer WILLIAM ROBERT COWLING H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
294717 Petty Officer Stoker CHARLES THEODORE CRAMPTON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/2908 Able Seaman HUGH CRAWFORD (RFR/CH/B/10852). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/107757 Stoker 1st Class ROBERT CREIGHTON (RFR/CH/B/1097). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/9398 Private WILLIAM THOMAS CREW (RMR/B/553). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
198167 Petty Officer 1st Class CHARLES CROCKFORD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/6960 Stoker 1st Class EDWARD CROSSIN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
183944 Able Seaman ROBERT HENRY CURTIS (RFR/CH/B/3887). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
343850 Blacksmith SIDNEY WILLIAM CUSSELL H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/17408 Private WILLIAM HENRY DALLY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
Engineer Lieut Commander THOMAS MORGAN DAVID H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
85747 Able Seaman ALEXANDER MURRAY STUART DAVIDSON (RFR/CH/B/6689). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/101591 Stoker 1st Class ISAAC DAVIES (RFR/CH/B/7028). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/17054 Bugler ERNEST GEORGE FRANK DAVIS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/2426 Able Seaman JOHN THOMAS GIBSON DAWSON (RFR/CH/B/9653). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
292498 Petty Officer Stoker THOMAS DAY (RFR/CH/B/7958). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/104940 Stoker 1st Class JAMES DICKEY (RFR/CH/B/8572). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Midshipman DAVID ANGUS DICKSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
299952 Stoker 1st Class WALLACE DONACHEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/107927 Stoker 1st Class MARRIOT ROBERT DONALD (RFR/CH/B/10346). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
1901S Stoker HARRY THOMAS DRAPER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
345737 Shipwright 1st Class WILLIAM REGINALD CAPLE DREW H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/9628 Private GEORGE FRANCIS DREWETT (RMR/B/577). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
150585 Officer’s Steward 1st Class WILLIAM EDWARD DUNN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/14094 Private WALTER THOMAS DUTFIELD (RMR/B/2011). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
208734 Leading Seaman WILLIAM DYBALL (RFR/CH/B/10521). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
136000 Armourer GEORGE WALTER DYKE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
289177 Stoker 1st Class ALBERT GEORGE DYNES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
202124 Leading Seaman REGINALD JOHN EADE (RFR/CH/B/10142). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/4167 Cook’s Mate THOMAS BERNARD ECCLESHARE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
202620 Yeoman of Signals ROBERT GARNET CHAWNER EDWARDS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
302949 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM JOSEPH EDWARDS (RFR/CH/B/6479). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
174504 Petty Officer 1st Class WILLIAM JAMES ELKIN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
239356 Leading Seaman RICHARD STANLEY ELLENDER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/104009 Stoker 1st Class JOHN ELLIOTT (RFR/CH/B/8165). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/6806 Private EDMUND ALBERT ELLIS (RMR/B/760). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
292957 Leading Stoker THOMAS ELVES (RFR/CH/B/5123). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/4751 Sick Berth Attendant 1st Class EDWARD FRANK EVANS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Berth Reserve
J/26735 Boy 1st Class WILLIAM FARNDON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/16023 Private VICTOR FAULKNER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/102801 Stoker 1st Class SAMUEL FEE (RFR/CH/B/7543). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
350884 Sick Berth Steward WILLIAM JOHN FELLOWES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
298040 Stoker 1st Class PETER FERGUSON (RFR/CH/B/10201). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26689 Boy 1st Class ALBERT ARTHUR FISK H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/27414 Boy 1st Class JACK FREDERICK LIONEL FOOTITT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/10092 Signalman CHARLES HOARE FORRINGTON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
3049S Stoker JAMES FOXTON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
176217 Petty Officer WILLIAM FOYER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/11729 Private JAMES THOMAS FRANCIS (RMR/B/1937). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/17236 Private WILLIAM SAMUEL FRANCIS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/27538 Boy 1st Class HARRY EDWIN FRIEND H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/4450 Stoker 1st Class FREDERICK ERNEST FULCHER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/106984 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM JOHN FULLER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/7531 Private WALTER SAMUEL GADSDEN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
189970 Able Seaman JAMES CHARLES GAMBLE (RFR/CH/B/3895). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
196244 Petty Officer BERTRAM JAMES GANDAR H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/838 Stoker 1st Class FREDERICK WILLIAM THOMAS GEE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
160023 Stoker 1st Class JAMES GILES (RFR/CH/B/1866). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/102992 Stoker 1st Class HENRY GILHAM (RFR/CH/B/7611). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/107919 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM JOHN GILLESPIE (RFR/CH/B/10369). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
277922 Stoker 1st Class FREDERICK GODFREY (RFR/CH/B/4267). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/17409 Private HUGH JOHN GOODAIR H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
204966 Leading Seaman JOHN WILLIAM GOODCHILD (RFR/CH/B/9752). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/2796 Able Seaman JAMES TOLAND GORMAN (RFR/CH/B/10520). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
292356 Stoker 1st Class SAMUEL JAMES GREEN (RFR/CH/B/7761). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
209091 Leading Seaman ERNEST ALBERT GREENHAM (RFR/CH/B/8820). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/103607 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM GREER (RFR/CH/B/7916). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
185803 Able Seaman JAMES WILLIAM GREGORY (RFR/CH/B/3896). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
165578 Chief Petty Officer WILLIAM SYDNEY GROOM H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/1103 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class RICHARD THOMAS GUEST H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
232154 Able Seaman FRANK EDWARD GUMMER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
206529 Able Seaman FREDERICK GUNN (RFR/CH/B/8687). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
223106 Able Seaman HENRY HALL H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
177204 Able Seaman JAMES STOREY HALLIDAY (RFR/CH/B/5791). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/104942 Stoker 1st Class ROBERT JOHN HAMILTON (RFR/CH/B/8575). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
221776 Able Seaman PERCY HARDING H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/11186 Private HENRY HARGREAVES (RMR/B/1762). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
143377 Leading Signalman WILLIAM JAMES HARLING (RFR/CH/B/1057). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/104430 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM JAMES HARPER (RFR/CH/B/8353). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/16459 Private WILLIAM GEORGE HARRISON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
167431 Leading Seaman JAMES HAZELDEN (RFR/CH/B/4555). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
299889 Leading Stoker JAMES SAMUEL HEARN (RFR/CH/B/10371). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
234197 Able Seaman DENIS HEGARTY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/14309 Private FREDERICK THOMAS HEMMING (RMR/B/1765). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/23584 Boy 1st Class FRANK HENLEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
293062 Stoker 1st Class PERCY HEPWORTH (RFR/CH/B/1843). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/17045 Private WILLIAM JESSE HILLS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
167871 Sailmaker JOSEPH LEVINE HOBBS H.M.S. “Hawke” Royal Navy
CH/12473 Private HENRY ERNEST HODDEN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
183316 Petty Officer HENRY THOMAS HODGES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/106959 Stoker 1st Class ANDREW HOGG (RFR/CH/B/9574). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/16032 Private LEWIS REGINALD HOOD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
205654 Leading Seaman ALFRED HOOKER (RFR/CH/B/10125). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
180225 Petty Officer 1st Class DAVID HOOKHAM H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/5524 Cook’s Mate JAMES HOOPER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/3901 Cook’s Mate ERIC SIDNEY JOSEPH HOPER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
185423 Armourer CHARLES EDWIN HOPKINS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/105927 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM HENRY HORNEY (RFR/CH/B/9085). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
227737 Able Seaman JOHN ALFRED HOY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
237053 Able Seaman WILLIAM CECIL HUBIE-AXE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
312428 Leading Stoker ARTHUR HUDSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
132399 Shipwright 1st Class JOSEPH WILLIAM HUGHES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
141118 Chief Stoker ISAAC WILLIAM HUME (RFR/CH/A/1267). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/536 Stoker 1st Class ALBERT HUNT (RFR/CH/B/9624). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/104449 Stoker 1st Class ROBERT HUNTER (RFR/CH/B/8375). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
154211 Petty Officer GEORGE IRWIN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
3123S Stoker JOHN JACKSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
CH/6620 Private THOMAS WILLIAM JACKSON (RMR/B/1490). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
K/17559 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM JACKSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
354275 Stoker 1st Class ALFRED JAMES (RFR/CH/B/6581). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/1720 Able Seaman PERCY JAMES (RFR/CH/B/8187). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/102309 Stoker 1st Class HENRY JAMIESON (RFR/CH/B/7287). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
202532 Leading Seaman CHRISTOPHER JAY (RFR/CH/B/9637). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/13997 Corporal WILLIAM JENNINGS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
Midshipman HARRY ESCOMBE RAVENHILL JERRAM H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/15485 Private WILLIAM GEORGE JOHNSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
188608 Able Seaman WILLIAM JOHNSTON (RFR/CH/B/5958). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/100725 Stoker 1st Class ALFRED EDWARD JONES (RFR/CH/B/5794). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Assistant Paymaster JOHN CECIL JONES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
CH/8886 Private WILLIAM JURY (RMR/B/971). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
Midshipman CLIVE ARTHUR KEITH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Midshipman JOHN REGINALD KEMPSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
1640U Stoker NICHOLAS MAINGER KING H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
269868 Chief Engine Room Artificer JOHN WILLIAM KIPPING H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
220342 Writer 3rd BERTRAM JAMES KIRKBY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
244EB Engine Room Artificer JOHN OLIVER LANDELLS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
Midshipman ALEXANDER DAVIDSON LATTEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/108512 Stoker 1st Class DANIEL LAVERTY (RFR/CH/B/10565). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/2857 Able Seaman PERCY PEACOCK LAW (RFR/CH/B/9963). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/110970 Stoker 1st Class CHARLES EDWARD LAWRENCE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26743 Boy 1st Class JOSEPH HERBERT LEAMAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
155422 Petty Officer Stoker CHARLES LEE (RFR/CH/B/3954). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
174539 Petty Officer CHARLES LEIGH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/16977 Private THOMAS LEONARD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/108181 Stoker 1st Class ISAAC LEWIS (RFR/CH/B/10496). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/102603 Stoker 1st Class JAMES WILLIAM LEWIS (RFR/CH/B/7473). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/7208 Private JOSEPH LEWIS (RMR/B/260). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
Midshipman HENRY PLATEN LEWIS-JONES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
186862 Able Seaman CHARLES LIDDELL (RFR/CH/B/3631). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/2174 Able Seaman HARRY LINDLEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
169435 Able Seaman HARRY FELL LINDSAY (RFR/CH/B/3922). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
306070 Petty Officer Stoker JAMES LOFTS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
284049 Petty Officer Stoker DAVID LONSDALE (RFR/CH/B/1005). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
199042 Able Seaman ROBERT THOMAS LOW (RFR/CH/B/8900). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/1554 Able Seaman JOHN LOWE (RFR/CH/B/7944). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
135850 Able Seaman WILLIAM LUMSDEN (RFR/CH/B/25). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
285739 Stoker 1st Class HERBERT LYDALL (RFR/CH/B/1584). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Lieutenant DONALD ROY MACDONALD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Midshipman ROBERT CRAIG MACFARLANE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
174303 Petty Officer Stoker WALTER EDWARD MACKAY (RFR/CH/B/2880). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/101872 Stoker 1st Class ALEXANDER MAIRS (RFR/CH/B/7130). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26753 Boy 1st Class FREDERICK FRANCIS MALIN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
295344 Petty Officer Stoker ALLAN MARKHAM (RFR/CH/B/8683). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/23520 Boy 1st Class ARTHUR CHRISTIAN MARKQUICK H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
152383 Chief Stoker JOSEPH EDWARD MARTIN (RFR/CH/A/1793). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/7021 Private GEORGE MASON (RFR/B/780). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
133388 Leading Seaman WILLIAM MASON (RFR/CH/B/3625). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/12178 Private FRANK THOMAS MATTHEWS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/1474 Able Seaman THOMAS MAXTED (RFR/CH/B/7844). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/8452 Private JOHN EDWARD MAY (RMR/B/1356). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/103005 Stoker 1st Class ANDREW McALLISTER (RFR/CH/B/7656). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
176815 Able Seaman DAVID McCAUGHERTY (RFR/CH/B/3079). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/100505 Stoker 1st Class HUGH McCOMB (RFR/CH/B/5565). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
285115 Leading Stoker PATRICK McEVOY (RFR/CH/B/2899). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/108637 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM McFARLANE (RFR/CH/B/10630). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/105931 Stoker 1st Class HUGH McGINLEY (RFR/CH/B/9103). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Engineer Lieut Commander DAVID JOHN McGREGOR H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
224740 Signalman JAMES McKEE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
201449 Leading Seaman DUNCAN McLEOD (RFR/CH/B/9671). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/107103 Stoker 1st Class JAMES McNALLY (RFR/CH/B/9696). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
233305 Petty Officer Telegraphist FRANK HANSFORD McNEALE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
281510 Stoker 1st Class MATTHEW McNEALY (RFR/CH/B/637). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
233279 Leading Seaman THOMAS GEORGE SHELTON MEHEUX (RFR/CH/B/9701). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/2159 Ship’s Steward Assistant THOMAS EDWARD MICKELS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
3024T Stoker FREDERICK MILLETT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
SS/106665 Stoker 1st Class JOHN MILLS (RFR/CH/B/9433). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/11718 Private WILLIAM MINTON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
171847 Chief Petty Officer CHARLES MOLLOY (RFR/CH/B/2975). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/10271 Lance Corporal ALFRED MOORE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
177856 Petty Officer 1st Class FREDERICK MOORE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
204033 Able Seaman THOMAS MORIARTY (RFR/CH/B/3851). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
279187 Ship’s Corporal 1st Class JAMES MORRIS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
176230 Able Seaman HERBERT HENRY MORRISON (RFR/CH/B/4507). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
1981T Stoker WILLIAM MORRISON H.M.S. “Hawke” Royal Naval Reserve
306050 Leading Stoker GEORGE MOUNTAIN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/1043 Able Seaman CHARLES GEORGE MOXEY (RFR/CH/B/6819). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
285210 Stoker 1st Class GEORGE CHALMERS MUIR (RFR/CH/B/5821). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/106287 Stoker 1st Class EDWARD MULLEN (RFR/CH/B/9230). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
204138 Signalman JOHN THOMAS MULLOY (RFR/CH/B/5053). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
L/4183 Officer’s Cook 2nd Class GEORGE MUMFORD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/4519 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class RODERICK MUNRO H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
347632 Ship’s Cook JOHN FRANCIS MURPHY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/24128 Boy 1st Class SIDNEY MYERS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
171483 Petty Officer JOHN THOMAS NEILL H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
165257 Ship’s Chief Cook WILLIAM JOHN NEWBURY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
1706S Stoker SAMUEL NEWMAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
CH/13141 Private WILLIAM JAMES NEWPORT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/968 Able Seaman GEORGE HARRY NEWTON (RFR/CH/B/6696). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26619 Boy 1st Class JOHN WILLIAM ERNEST NICHOLLS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
342117 Chief Armourer GEORGE NICKLIN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
228989 Stoker 1st Class ARTHUR WILLIAM NUNN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
222020 Able Seaman GEORGE HOWARD OAKLEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/11918 Private GEORGE THOMAS OSBEN (RMR/B/1854). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
340821 Blacksmith ERNEST HERBERT OSMOND H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/109803 Stoker 1st Class GEORGE WILMOT PADDOCK H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
198471 Leading Seaman ALFRED PAGE (RFR/CH/B/8840). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/23449 Boy 1st Class GEORGE EDWARD PALMER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
118003 Chief Engine Room Artificer ROBERT WILLIAM PANTLAND H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/12829 Private CHARLES WILLIAM PARKER (RMR/B/1944). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
287527 Leading Stoker ARTHUR PARR H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/1010 Stoker 1st Class STEPHEN ARTHUR PAVITT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
290191 Stoker 1st Class ERNEST ALFRED PAYNE (RFR/CH/B/1820). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
214259 Able Seaman JOHN HENRY PAYNE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
365838 Cook HAROLD COURTLAND PEELING H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
164841 Chief Petty Officer GEORGE HENRY PENFOLD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/24698 Boy 1st Class WILLIAM NELSON PERRETT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/10503 Private HARRY PHILLIPS (RMR/B/1672). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
174277 Petty Officer Stoker ALBERT PHILLIPSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
291888 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM HEWETT PHIPPS (RFR/CH/B/7552). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/15391 Corporal FRANK PICKBURN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
294295 Second Lieutenant ALBERT EDWARD PICKERSGILL H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/9435 Private ARTHUR EDWARD PLUMB (RMR/B/1124). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/111165 Stoker 1st Class FREDERICK WILLIAM POPE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
191709 Able Seaman HARRY PORT (RFR/CH/B/3905). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/16678 Private HARRY PORTWAINE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
308879 Leading Stoker JOYCE POWER (RFR/CH/B/9324). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
284931 Stoker 1st Class HERBERT PRATTEN (RFR/CH/B/5720). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
133963 Second Yeoman Of Signals ALFRED PRICE (RFR/CH/B/3715). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
163930 Able Seaman MIDGLEY PROCTOR (RFR/CH/B/3906). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/104630 Stoker 1st Class RICHARD PURDY (RFR/CH/B/8444). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
183408 Able Seaman FREDERICK DAVID PURNELL (RFR/CH/B/6455). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
1368U Stoker VICTOR WILLIAM QUOGAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
296016 Stoker 1st Class FREDERICK CHARLES RAINES (RFR/CH/B/4733). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
296311 Stoker 1st Class FREDERICK GEORGE RALPH (RFR/CH/B/4812). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
184171 Able Seaman JOHN ROBERT RAVEN (RFR/CH/B/3923). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/1083 Able Seaman CHARLES ALFRED RAYNER (RFR/CH/B/6901). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
186352 Able Seaman HENRY FRANK READER (RFR/CH/B/6719). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
184847 Able Seaman GEORGE REID (RFR/CH/B/5348). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
184244 Able Seaman HERBERT JAMES RICHARDSON (RFR/CH/B/3881). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/25607 Ordinary Signalman RUSSELL RICHARDSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
173426 Petty Officer 1st Class ROBERT JAMES RICHES H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/109685 Stoker 1st Class THOMAS WILLIAM RIPPER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/9916 Private WILLIAM ROBBINS (RFR/B/1114). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
271333 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class CLIFFORD EDWARD ROBERTS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26650 Boy 1st Class GEORGE WILLIAM ROBERTS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/102749 Stoker 1st Class HERBERT EDWIN ROBERTS (RFR/CH/B/7504). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
862EA Engine Room Artificer ALBERT VENIS ROBINSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
Lieutenant ERNEST ROBINSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
J/27386 Boy 1st Class ERNEST JOHN ROGERS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Staff Surgeon GEORGE CHARLES CUMBERLAND ROSS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/2905 Able Seaman WILLIAM JAMES ROSS (RFR/CH/B/10808). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
307023 Petty Officer Stoker JOSIAH ROBERT ROUST H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Carpenter CHARLES WILLIAM SAINSBURY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
210412 Able Seaman ARTHUR SANSOME H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
193887 Leading Seaman ROBERT EDWARD SAUNDERS (RFR/CH/B/4184). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/13859 Private THOMAS SAVIN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/22753 Boy 1st Class CLAUDE THOMAS SAWKINS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
150159 Master at Arms THOMAS HENRY SAWYER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/1936 Carpenter’s Crew HENRY CARL SCHMIDT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
345433 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class CHARLES RICHARD SCULLY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
294712 Petty Officer Stoker THOMAS FREDERICK SEAGER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/25452 Boy 1st Class GEORGE WILLIAM AUGUSTUS SEARLE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/17010 Private GEORGE VANE SECKER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
K/13408 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM ALFRED SEELEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/103314 Stoker 1st Class THOMAS HENRY SEFTON (RFR/CH/B/7882). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/15140 Private THOMAS SEWELL H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
203871 Leading Seaman ROWLANDSON HARDY SHOTTON (RFR/CH/B/8558). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
191889 Able Seaman JOHN SILVESTER (RFR/CH/B/6976). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/11783 Stoker 1st Class ALFRED SIMMS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Assistant Paymaster HUBERT ZEPH SIMPSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
1354U Stoker DAVID SLATER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
CH/12370 Private WILLIAM SLESSER (RMR/B/1997). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/1624 Telegraphist ALBERT EDWARD SMITH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
3016S Stoker ARTHUR SMITH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
M/5491 Plumber’s Mate CHARLES JOSEPH SMITH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/12461 Private CHARLES KINGSLEY SMITH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/10510 Private EDWARD SMITH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
202637 Able Seaman FRANK SMITH (RFR/CH/B/4823). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/7094 Private JAMES ALFRED SMITH (RMR/B/843). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/102811 Stoker 1st Class ROBERT SMITH (RFR/CH/B/7495). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
2922T Stoker ROBERT WILLIAM SMITH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
2168T Stoker WALTER PALMER SMITH H.M.S. “Hawke” Royal Naval Reserve
SS/104254 Stoker 1st Class JOHN SMYTH (RFR/CH/B/8285). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
125421 Petty Officer Stoker ALBERT SNARE (RFR/CH/A/936). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/25688 Boy 1st Class HENRY WALTER SOUTHERN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/104457 Stoker 1st Class HARRY ROBERT SPARKS (RFR/CH/B/8408). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26754 Boy 1st Class CHARLES ALBERT VICTOR SPOONER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/16147 Private WILLIAM CHARLES SPOONER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
M/2392 Sick Berth Attendant 1st Class GEORGE THOMAS STANLEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/101839 Stoker 1st Class FRED STEVENS (RFR/CH/B/7115). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/101670 Stoker 1st Class JOHN STEVENS (RFR/CH/B/7057). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
145536 Shipwright 1st Class HENRY CHARLES BRYANT STONEMAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/27544 Boy 1st Class WILLIAM HENRY STRAW H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/4733 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class BARTHOLOMEW SULLIVAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/1329 Able Seaman GEORGE LACEY SUTHERLAND (RFR/CH/B/7437). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/11325 Stoker 1st Class ALFRED ALBERT SYMONS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
203642 Leading Seaman WILLIAM SYMONS (RFR/CH/B/8056). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/13522 Private WILLIAM TAYLOR H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/12817 Private WILLIAM THAKE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
345555 Leading Carpenter’s Crew JOHN ARLOE EDWARD THOMAS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/104956 Stoker 1st Class ARCHER THOMPSON (RFR/CH/B/8602). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/15133 Corporal WILLIAM JOHN HENRY THOMPSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
164113 Petty Officer Stoker GEORGE THRUSH (RFR/CH/B/2050). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/2565 Armourer’s Mate ANSELL GIFFORD THURLEY H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
187758 Petty Officer WILLIAM TIMMINS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
157015 Chief Stoker WALTER TOLHURST (RFR/CH/A/1852). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
292872 Stoker 1st Class GEORGE TRUEMAN (RFR/CH/B/3264). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
308124 Leading Stoker GEORGE JOSEPH TUCKER (RFR/CH/B/7283). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/107383 Stoker 1st Class DAVID TULLY (RFR/CH/B/9914). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
164358 Leading Signalman ROBERT HENRY UNWIN (RFR/CH/B/3500). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
353621 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM HENRY UPFOLD (RFR/CH/B/1797). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/108911 Stoker 1st Class CHARLES EDWARD UPRICHARD (RFR/CH/B/10810). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/10669 Private WALTER JOHN VERCO (RMR/B/930). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/8507 Private ROBERT EDWARD VIGUS (RMR/B/1070). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/9739 Private RICHARD VINE (RMR/B/1552). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
186631 Able Seaman ISAAC WILLIAM WAGLAND (RFR/CH/B/3885). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
160682 Yeoman of Signals 2nd Class CHARLES WILLIAM WAITE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
163583 Able Seaman EDWARD HENRY WALKER H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/8670 Private GEORGE WILLIAM WALTON (RMR/B/155). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/8521 Private THOMAS EDWARD WAND (RMR/B/1357). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
Lieutenant RURIC HENRY WARING H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/25515 Boy 1st Class ROBERT WARREN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/103313 Stoker 1st Class HENRY WASSON (RFR/CH/B/7875). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/26355 Boy 1st Class ROBERT ALBERT WATERMAN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
Surgeon JAMES HENRY DIGBY M B WATSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
220630 Able Seaman GEORGE HIMPHILL WATT H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/23432 Boy 1st Class ALFRED GEORGE BERTRAM WATTS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/11520 Private JAMES WEEDS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
296881 Leading Stoker JOHN WEEKES (RFR/CH/B/9469). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/15266 Private WALT LEONARD WELCH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
CH/13273 Sergeant FREDERICK PENNSON WELLS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
283951 Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM JOBSON WELTON (RFR/CH/B/2722). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/106882 Stoker 1st Class ALFRED WILLIAM WHITE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/19848 Stoker 2nd Class WILLIAM DARCY WHITE H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/23867 Signal Boy ALFRED GEORGE WHITEHEAD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/9373 Private CHARLES WHITEHEAD (RMR/B/1023). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
299881 Stoker 1st Class THOMAS CHARLES WILLIAMS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
M/7279 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class WALTER ROLAND WILLIAMS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
154287 Stoker 1st Class ALBERT JOHN WILLIAMSON (RFR/CH/B/1366). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
K/11282 Stoker 1st Class GEORGE EDWARD LEONARD WILLS H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
224462 Able Seaman ALBERT PATTERSON WILSON (RFR/CH/B/6304). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/16978 Private ERNEST WILSON H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
SS/108189 Stoker 1st Class JAMES WILSON (RFR/CH/B/10495). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/15442 Private JOHN WILSON (RMR/B/2028). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
176650 Ship’s Chief Cook HARRY WINKWORTH H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
J/25790 Boy 1st Class ERNEST WINSHIP H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
282V Stoker JOHN WINSHIP H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Naval Reserve
194785 Able Seaman ALBERT EDWARD WINTON (RFR/CH/B/6841). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/106983 Stoker 1st Class GEORGE WILLIAM WOOD (RFR/CH/B/9617). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
215158 Leading Seaman THOMAS WOOD (RFR/CH/B/9935). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/105687 Stoker 1st Class ARTHUR WILLIAM WOODS (RFR/CH/B/8977). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
CH/11382 Private WILLIAM HENRY WOODWARD H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Marine Light Infantry
J/24625 Boy 1st Class WILLIAM HENRY WRATTEN H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
173141 Petty Officer 2nd Class ALBERT GEORGE WRIGHT (RFR/CH/B/2091). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
189743 Able Seaman CHARLES WRIGHT (RFR/CH/B/7555). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
SS/100526 Stoker 1st Class JOHN YATES (RFR/CH/B/5597). H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy
347000 Painter 1st Class THOMAS YOUNG H.M.S. “Hawke.” Royal Navy

Family Tree

The common ancestors we share with Alfred Maddison & Wallace Scott are our 5th Great Grandparents, John SCOT & Elizabeth BROWN, from Sutton on the Forest, Yorkshire. Our family line is descended from the eldest son John SCOTT. Wallace & Alfred’s lines are descended from the second eldest son, Robert Scott.

  • John SCOT (1760-?) & Elizabeth BROWN (1768-?)
    • John SCOTT (1786-1857) & Anne TAYLOR (1890-1878)
    • Robert Scott (1787-1864) & Ann Lewis (1790-1851)
      • George Scott (1815-1889) & Mary Anne Richardson (1819-1853)
        • Abraham Scott (1840-1899) & Amelia Yeoman (1843-?)
          • Wallace Scott (1884-1914) & Eliza Purvis (1885-1973)
            • Mabel Scott (1908-1997) illegitimate
            • Wallace Scott (1914-1987)
      • Betty Scott (1819-1893) & Stephen Nelson (1814-1895)
        • Rebecca Nelson (1846-1924) & John Regan Richardson (1847-1915)
          • Hannah M Richardson (1873-1925) & James A Maddison (1877-1941)
            • Alfred Maddison (1897-1914)
    • Joseph Scott (1790-?)
    • Thomas Scott (1793-?)
    • Elizabeth Scott (1796-1887)
    • Charles Scott (1798-1861)



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