Elizabeth Ann Headley 1863-1935

Elizabeth Ann Headley was born 1863 in Huby, Yorkshire, to parents Isabella Mennell & John Headley, an agricultural laborer. Elizabeth was the sixth of eight siblings, seven of whom survived to adulthood. All four brothers relocated to Shildon, County Durham, to work in the coal mines or railways and her two sisters moved out of the village to raise large families in towns where their husbands held industrial jobs.

Transcription: Twenty Eighth December 1863, Huby |Elizabeth Ann | Girl | Father: John Headley|Mother: Annabella Headley formerly Mennell | Profession of father: Farm Labourer | X The mark of Annabella Headley, Mother, Huby | Registered Fourth January 1864 | John Hodgson, Registrar
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Charles Bainbridge 1861-1935

Charles Bainbridge was born March 1861 at Sutton Grange, Sutton on the Forest, second child to parents Henry Bainbridge of Tollerton and Jane Scott of Sutton on the Forest.

There is no record of Charles’ baptism so if it occurred, it may have been in the newly built Methodist Chapel opened in 1861 or the later Wesleyan Chapel, erected in 1864.

Transcription: Thirtieth March 1861, Sutton on Forest | Charles | Boy | Father: Henry Bainbridge | Mother: Jane Bainbridge formerly Scott | Profession of Father: Farm Labourer | X The mark of Jane Bainbridge, mother, Sutton on Forest | Registered Thirteenth April 1861 | John Hodgson, Registrar
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Bainbridge of Bainbridge

The Bainbridge family line can be traced back to Oulston, a small picturesque village in the Howardian Hills of North Yorkshire. Since the middle of the eighteenth century, our family migrated over twenty miles, across six generations, and almost 200 years, to arrive in Newton-on-Ouse.

Village Green in Oulston, North Yorkshire, Wikipedia.org & Gordon Hatton - www.geograph.co.uk
Oulston Village Green, looking toward
Squirrel Cottage
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