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The Bainbridge family line can be traced back to Oulston, a small picturesque village in the Howardian Hills of North Yorkshire. Since the middle of the eighteenth century, our family migrated over twenty miles, across six generations, and almost 200 years, to arrive in Newton-on-Ouse.

Village Green in Oulston, North Yorkshire, & Gordon Hatton -
Oulston Village Green, looking toward
Squirrel Cottage

The origin of the family could be in the Yorkshire Dales’ village of Bainbridge, however that 50 mile journey from Oulston could have spanned multiple generations where written records become scarce. These are the five generations of Bainbridge researched to date and their stories will follow in subsequent posts. I recommend you begin with John Bainbridge 1789-1869

Five generations of the Bainbridge line from Oulston to Newton on Ouse



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