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William Bainbridge 1752-1816

Complicating matters, there are at least two Bainbridge families in Oulston in the 18th & 19th century. Our family and the family of William Bainbridge (1752-1816), gamekeeper for Newburgh Estate, and father of nine children

Most of his children shared names with our ancestors, including John, William, Jane, Charles, Henry, etc. Furthermore many remained in Oulston, Easingwold, or York, muddying the waters as we trace our family tree.

One of his numerous grandchildren, George Peacock Bainbridge (1800-1892), was a successful businessman running a drapery store in Ousegate, York. Born and raised in Easingwold, the family moved to Fishergate, York, before purchasing Oulston Hall in the mid 1850’s for his retirement.

George married Elizabeth Wisker (1802-1872), granddaughter of Matthias WISKER (1744-1829), a direct ancestor from another line on the Thompson side of the family tree. The Wisker family owned a glass grinding, opticians, and scientific instrument manufacturers, Golden Spectacles in Spurriergate, York.

William Bainbridge (1752-1816)
Bainbridge & Wisker Families at opposite ends of our family tree

The Peacock Bainbridge’s raised seven children, five to adulthood, who excelled in science, business, religion, the military, and travelled the British Empire, specifically India, South Africa, & New Zealand.

Our two families may share a common Bainbridge lineage earlier in the 18th Century or before but DNA hits have not been forthcoming. More research will be required to solve this mystery.


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